” Today we used you product on Italian sausage we cooked on the grill. We basted the sausage similar to how we have in the past using traditional BBQ sauce. I can tell you, your product gave the sausage that flavor I’ve been missing…Your product is great!! I feel you have a home-run with this product. Good luck. “


“Hello Rich, My name is Tony. I met you at my workplace Russ and I both purchased some of your Sweet Heat Sauce, IT IS TRULY AWESOME!!! I made the BEST jerky using it.
I want more…. Thanks!”


“I found your sauce at MA&PA’S country store in Hope Valley. I used it on a pork roast that we cooked on the grill, it was wonderful. Tonight, we used it on chicken on the grill. It’s great!!!!!!  Love it!!!!!!

PS- Just wanted to let you know, I bought another bottle today to send to my friend in Hawaii. They love cooking with stuff like this.”

-Bob & Laura from Hope Valley, RI

“Dear Rich,

You may remember me – last Saturday (the day before the Super Bowl), I was shopping at Belmont’s in Wakefield and you began chatting with me regarding my shopping cart filled with chicken wings. You had a case of sauce you were bringing to the shelf .

You asked what I was going to do with all those wings, and I said my husband would be cooking them with his “special recipe sauce”. You introduced yourself and chatted about your sauce, “Rich’s Sweet Heat”.

Since I was actually meeting this famous “Rich” of “Rich’s Sweet Heat”, I just had to buy a bottle of his sauce.  WELL, this was the best thing I could do!! I told you that if the sauce was not as delicious as you said, I would call you – you retorted that you’d personally come to my home and return my money if we didn’t like it!! Ha!

I would NEVER use this delicious sauce on our wings – my husband has a patent on this food – however we cooked up some baby back ribs and WOW – YOUR SAUCE WAS INCREDIBLE!!

My family is of Italian background – food is VERY important to us and we all love to cook, SO -for this sauce to get such raves is a major tribute to you, Rich.

We are anxious to cook up some ribs again – perhaps we’ll experiment with other foods – you will certainly be very successful, I’m certain.  Word of mouth is fabulous advertising, as you know, however you will hopefully one day have your product grow leaps and bounds via other ways.

We live in Narragansett and love cooking and entertaining all summer – we look forward to using your sauce as one of our favorites (along with my husband’s secret chicken wing sauce, of course!!).

Good luck in all your endeavors!!”




  • I met Rich today at Arnold’s Meats in East Longmeadow, MA. He was there to sell his product. He noticed my girlfriend and I looking for a marinade for our chicken. He asked us to give his Sweet Heat a try and gave us a bottle to take home. When we got home we tasted it. The sauce isn’t good..it’s Friggin Wicked Good!! I’ll definitely be purchasing this stuff again. I’m at Arnold’s Meats at least twice a week, i’ll be recommending this sauce to anybody looking to give something new a try. Good luck to you and your company Rich, you got something going! Thanks again for the bottle, that was a very kind gesture and that goes a long way.


  • I was in Ct. A couple years ago found him at Lyman’s orchards. Tasted the sauce .we bought 1 bottle . I’m from North Carolina when we got home we got rid of all other sauce’s and we only use Sweet heat.

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